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Stockbrokers can cost you a lot more than high execution fees

Stockbrokers provide lousy advice that can cost you significantly more than the $60 extra bucks you pay for a trade.

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The World Is Not Enough

Life has been hectic lately, wonderfully so. Therefore, this financial year wrap will be short and sweet… or maybe sour.
The Fusion Fund trounced the market in the 2014 financial year, doubling the market’s return of 17 percent with a stonking 34 percent return. I should feel marvelous about the result, but as the title of this post suggests I’m disappointed. I should have tripled and could have quadrupled the market return, but I let both my emotions and greed get the better of me.
Fortunately investing is a life long pursuit. That …

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Free S&P ASX Index Total Return Accumulation Data

Here’s how to get free S&P ASX All Ordinaries Index (^AORD) and ASX200 (^AXJO) total return / accumulation data.

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A rational investor picks himself up

How do you remain a rational investor?

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Analytica’s PeriCoach is leading the medical technology revolution

Analytica (ASX:ALT) is set to launch an exciting medical technology product that is in the right space at the right time.

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Fusion Fund lands hard

Only if your behavior is unconventional is your performance likely to be unconventional… and only if your judgments are superior is your performance likely to be above average.

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The Global Warming Religion

Can you remember the last time someone convinced you that one of your core belief was misguided?
I consider myself open minded, but prior to last week I’d struggle to recall the last time I changed my mind on an important issue.

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[16 Apr 2014 | 3 Comments | ]
It’s OK to be wrong

Beware of investing gurus who extrapolate and can’t admit errors. Embrace those with open minds in search of why they and all of us are wrong.

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Has Maverick Drilling Bottomed?

With Mike Yeager now touring Australia and touting the Maverick story to institutions I may not get an opportunity to add to my position sub $0.30 on tax selling, as was my hope.

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[2 Apr 2014 | 2 Comments | ]
Fusion Fund finally stumbles

As I said last month Fusion Fund had been enjoying an unparalleled winning streak of seven consecutive up months. Well all goods things come to an end. Our fund dropped 0.4 percent in March, under-performing the ASX200 total return index by 0.7 percent. Compared to the abysmal returns April will deliver, that feels like a win to me!

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Graphene – Expect to meet Mr G soon

Graphene is a 2D material that will form the basis of many revolutionary new materials and products.