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And the winner is

I could most easily be classified as a little Lynch, as in Peter Lynch of Magellan fame. His 20 Golden Rules form the basis of my investing philosophy.

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Famous Five Fundamentally cheap ASX stocks

5 Fundamentally cheap ASX stocks from top stock pickers.

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Morphic Asset Management

Jack Lowenstein who did a terrific job at Hunter Hall now heads up Morphic Asset Management.

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Free SMSF Accounting Software Approaching Maturity

Mclowd has the potential to displace BGL and Class with a SMSF accounting platform that is free to both individual Trustees and practitioners.

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Integrated Research Profit Warning

Investors have taken Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) to the woodshed for a savage beating after it issued a profit warning this morning.

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M2 Group soars on no news

A long term favourite company of mine M2 Group (ASX:MTU) has been swimming against the retreating market tide. M2 leapt over 5 percent this week on no news.

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Performance, Pigs, and Investment Process

What’s the difference between an independent director and a shopping trolley?
You can load a trolley with grog but can’t push it anywhere you want.

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Does making financial predictions make you a dickhead?

The good news is making financial predictions won’t make you are dickhead, the bad news is you already are a dickhead!

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The World Is Not Enough

Life has been hectic lately, wonderfully so. Therefore, this financial year wrap will be short and sweet… or maybe sour.
The Fusion Fund trounced the market in the 2014 financial year, doubling the market’s return of 17 percent with a stonking 34 percent return. I should feel marvelous about the result, but as the title of this post suggests I’m disappointed. I should have tripled and could have quadrupled the market return, but I let both my¬†emotions and greed get the better of me.
Fortunately investing is a life long pursuit. That …

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Free S&P ASX Index Total Return Accumulation Data

Here’s how to get free S&P ASX All Ordinaries Index (^AORD) and ASX200 (^AXJO) total return / accumulation data.

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Stockbrokers can cost you a lot more than high execution fees

Stockbrokers provide lousy advice that can cost you significantly more than the $60 extra bucks you pay for a trade.