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3 Ways a Stock Should Pay You

Many people incorrectly think there is magic to stock gains and losses because they consider only price. Rather, what matters is whether the business creates what’s called shareholder value. If it does, the stock price will eventually follow. Very simple.

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How low can WorleyParsons go?

WorleyParsons has fallen 94 percent from its all time high. Has this falling knife finally bottomed?

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Are you concentrating hard enough?

Is your share portfolio concentrated or diversified? Check our concentrated portfolio out.

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Rene sure knows his acquisition sauce

The acquisition of Telecom New Zealand International voice business is another excellent bolt on for My Net Fone. The TNZI network that MNF are buying from Spark New Zealand Limited (SPK.AX) expands its reach.

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Fusion Fund December Performance

With another year down it’s now only 4 billion years until the sun swallows the earth. Better hurry up and do all the things you’ve been wanting to!

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Fusion Fund performance

Down less, up more.

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Fusion Fund October Performance

Fund management marketing wizards would give a right arm for these 25 percent returns across multiple time-frames.

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Whale hunting in small ponds – multibagger stocks

Do you want to know how to pick multibagger stocks?

Here’s my path.

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Do stock price targets make sense?

Price targets are a double dip of delusion. To think you can accurately predict the forward price of any stock to the cent or even within 20 percent is crazy, you can’t. Worse yet, fundamental analysts focusing on a short time frame such as a year exacerbates the delusion.

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Can retail investors outperform the market?

“Lies, damn lies, and statistics” was popularised by Mark Twain to describe the persuasive power of numbers.

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ABC 7.30 report takes knife to Regeneus

In what can best been described as a hatchet job, the 7.30 report has taken the knife to Sydney based stem cell company Regeneus (ASX:RGS).