Day One: Sharing My Investment World

SchofferhoferThis is gonna be dig. Real big. I feel it welling inside me. Burp, uummm that’s better.
Beer doesn’t agree with me, but my pleasure from a good Kristallweizen outweighs mild gas, especially when we’re out of wine and all the champagne is too good to pop, at home by myself. (Emote: contented self pity wrapped up in pleasure and pain)

Ten days to move my investing world online and share it with you, that’s some challenge. Anyone else up to it? Pitch in or link your own brain/computer dump. I think I may need support, but let’s see how we go. Stay positive Dean, focus.

Day One: My Reading List

Or more accurately, ten excellent investment articles from my hard drive reading list, in no particular order.


I have checked that these investing wisdom documents and ebooks were not published to subscribers or otherwise restricted from free access. I linked to the originals when I could find a link. If you know a link I missed or believe this is your copyright material and want it removed please contact me.
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