FI Fund buys STP and GE

I don’t have time for a write-up now; however, this is a heads up that STP has once again fallen to bargain basement prices. The Fusion Investing Portfolio plans to buy 2,000 shares on Friday 3 October.

You can check my previous articles on Suntech here.

The good: PEG of 0.53, forward P/E of 11.66, dominant low cost solar provider, good margins and return on equity, excellent R&D.

The bad: High debt, earnings not translating to cash flow due to investments in growth.

Just bought 1,000 at 32.50, not the low I was after so I didn’t buy 2000, but good enough for 1000.

UPDATE: FI Fund just bought 1,000 more shares of GE at $22.45. Now holds 2,000 shares in the fusion portfolio.

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