Favourite Web Sites

  • The Motley Fool is one of the best online resources available for investors at all levels. Whether it is their Fool’s School or their discussion boards that interest you, the Fool lives up to its commitment “To Educate, Amuse and Enrich”. Make sure you update your user profile to unsubscribe to  their emails.
  • Damodaran Online is a fantastic resource maintained by Aswath Damodaran. He is a Professor of Finance and David Margolis Teaching Fellow at the Stern School of Business at New York University and has published five books, including:
  • BMW Method Graphs
    Excellent resource of graphs for viewing companies from the BMW method perspective of investing. A description of the graphs can be found here. A good starting point for the BMW method is the BMW Frequently Asked Questions. In summary the BMW method is based on regression to the mean to long term compound growth. The method enables the easy identification of companies with long term growth records that are currently selling either above or below their long term growth.
  • Open Yale Courses
  • Sloan School of Management at MIT and
    MIT Free Online Economics Course offer some fantastic free online material, though I have yet to dig in deep. From the Sloan School of Management these four courses appear very interesting:

    • Business Analysis Using Financial Statements
    • Investments
    • Financial Accounting
    • Behavioral Economics and Finance

Investing Tools

  • Spreadsheet for calculating Price/Intrinsic Value (PIV) and Expect Return (ER) for companies a lot easier.
    For background on the concept of the PIV-ER test as proposed by Hewitt Heiserman see this post at the Motley Fool.

Online Analysis Tools

  • Edgar Online provides free access to all filing for all companies and funds. This is an essential resource for all serious investors. We’ll soon be posting our guide on how to make the most out of Edgar. Feel free to email and prompt us for this.
  • Source documents from the SEC are always the best source for information, but for a quick look at insider trading From 4 Oracle does a fine job at summing and presenting insider activity.
  • FinViz provides excellent free financial visualisations.
  • Yahoo Key Stats

Favourite Blogs

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Useful Resources

scribd-logoFor information on Scribd and a pointer to some excellent financial documents check out this post: Five of the Best Scribd Documents

SSRN LogoSocial Science Research Network’s Financial Economics Network a fantastic resource, with countless wonderful investing and finance papers. You’ll find document by Taleb, Faber, Damodaran and countless others.


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