What is the minimum balance you should have prior to opening a SMSF? Opinions on this vary greatly, but the absolute minimum quoted amount is $50,000 and the the usual minimum quoted is $100,000. Some commentators put the figure even higher, last time I checked the ATO recommended a whopping $200,000 minimum balance. With costs to manage a SMSF falling, as the industry becomes more competitive, I think $50,000 is enough. However, the more important question is are you up to managing your own superannuation fund.

How do I setup a SMSF? Please read this article: Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Setup

Can I prepare and lodge my own SMSF tax return? Yes, please read this article: Preparing your own self managed super fund (SMSF) tax return

Should I register my SMSF for GST? According to this thread at ASF Registering for GST is only worthwhile if pay a lot of brokerage. You get back 75% of the GST on the brokerage if you register for GST. The downside is you have to do quarterly BAS statements and claim it back. I haven’t bothered to register for GST.

Which is the best SMSF software? Due to the high cost of ownership of MySF and BGL Simple Fund I use and can only recommend GnuCash [Update 7 Nov 12 Free SMSF Software package from Mclowd that will help drive down most of the associated costs with running a self managed super fund.]

SMSF Articles


Free SMSF Tools and Spreadsheets

GnuCash is an excellent free double entry accounting system.

I have created this free Excel spreadsheet to help prepare my DIY SMSF 2008-09 tax and CGT.

SMSF Blogs and Sites of Interest

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Please note, the above is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered advice. I am not an accountant and am not qualified or registered to provide advice. You should seek independent advice and not rely on any information written here.

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